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Wednesday, October 9
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She returns in November for a family meal where Ronnie is arrested for murder, and she along with the other Mitchells disown Roxy after she is uncovered as the person who called the police. It is also revealed that Sal knows Claudette Hubbard Ellen Thomas , and as Sal is leaving Walford, she reminds Claudette that she knows a secret from her past, and that one day it will be revealed. This leads to Phil's discovery that Peggy's cancer has returned and that she is dying. Peggy is hiding from them, because Sal wants all the family to know about Peggy's cancer. Ronnie denies that Peggy is there, but Sal recognises the smell of Peggy's perfume, so she reveals herself.

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Peggy refuses to return to Sal's house, saying that Walford is her home. The sisters then embrace emotionally. After Peggy commits suicide, Sal attends her funeral in July , using a wheelchair. After the funeral, Sal explains to Sharon that Peggy called the police on her abusive husband, Eric, to protect Phil, showing Phil just how much Peggy loved him. In September , it is shown that Grant has been staying with Sal, but he later decides to return to Portugal.

Sal later returns in December for Ronnie's hen party for her second wedding to Jack, where she reveals she has taught herself how to read tarot cards. She performs this on Ronnie and Roxy. Ronnie selects cards that show positivity, a happy life and marriage, while Roxy selects The Fool , The Devil and Death.

Roxy exclaims to Sal and Ronnie that Sal does not know what she is doing. In January , Sal attends Ronnie and Roxy's funerals, where she berates their mother, Glenda Mitchell Glynis Barber , for walking out on them when they were children, resulting in Glenda fleeing the church in tears. Anna Karen and the actress who plays Peggy, Barbara Windsor , are "best friends" in reality and Windsor has expressed how happy she was to have Karen on the cast of EastEnders. Producers decided to hire Karen after Michael French , who played "romeo" David Wicks decided to quit.

They reportedly failed to lure back June Brown , who played Dot Cotton between and although they were successful in doing so a year later. They asked Karen to audition and decided she "was just the ticket". Commenting on her casting, Karen said, "It's great to be back on the box and a real treat to be working alongside my old mate [Barbara Windsor]. Kate Lock brands Sal as "Peggy's blabbermouth sister" and "She has a hide thicker than Peggy's, a penchant for interfering and a tendency to become loud and hideously embarrassing after a couple of drinks".

New shows will be posted within 12 hours of air date.

Please just make Aunt Sal a regular character. She'd be brilliant in the Mitchell house, nagging Phil and Sharon to death. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fictional character from the British soap opera EastEnders.

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This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. October The Mirror. Retrieved The People. Retrieved 2 October BBC One. URL last accessed The Independent. Archived from the original on 10 September EastEnders Who's Who. BBC Books. EastEnders characters. Present characters. Past characters. By year: Others: Flaherty family Dickens Hill inmates The Banned band members Characters from spin-offs.

Categories : EastEnders characters Fictional characters introduced in Female characters in television. It was on this lake that her passion for sailing was born. When Rosario was a child, her father and his friends often sailed a sailboat,. I remember that I liked it a lot. From that moment she knew she needed to learn how to sail properly. Her father took his own passion for sailing and worked to build a sailing club, the Arcos Sailing Club. Rosario explained that because Arcos de la Frontera is 70 miles from the coast, it took some time to show the local community and councilmen the advantages of sailing as a sport.

Her father was determined and after receiving several donated sailboats from clubs on the coast, his own sailing club took flight. Pride overfilled her eyes as she told me about the hours she spent helping him repair the boats in preparation for their club. A few years later, when she was 13, in conjunction with a club on the coast, they were ready to offer sailing lessons. Rosario quickly decided she wanted to become a certified sailing instructor, which she accomplished a few years later.

While attending courses in art history at university, Rosario spent every free moment teaching.

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Once she finished school, she quickly realized she was truly happiest on the water. She then decided to make sailing her way of living, saying she,. What are your favorite aspects to both working on and captaining a tall ship? When meeting and spending time with Rosario it is not hard to see how seriously she takes her role as captain, from how she oversees her crew, expecting them to always be maintaining the ship and learning, to her own willingness to learn,.

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And also I get to know many many different places and many different people. I try. What would you say to young girls who have big dreams and goals? With the girl-empowerment aspect of The Adventures of Piratess Tilly , I was curious to hear what this real life female captain would say to young girls,. I mean, if you work, focusing, you can get it, you can get it.

She often faced disbelief by boat owners, who would instead offer her jobs as a stewardess. Even as our time together was coming to end, it was clear to me how important this question was to Rosario as she came back to it saying,. And if someone wants to restrict you, just try to smile and look to the other side and go the other way. Take the other door — the other paths — there are many, many paths.

Just try another one. A native Seattleite and the granddaughter of Admiral Walter T. Griffith, she feels most at home near water, which makes living in Newburyport, MA most appropriate. She is an artist and writer, who enjoys hiking and creating art with her family.

Aunt Sal - Wikipedia

You can contact her by email ElizabethLorayne gmail. After receiving awards and wonderful industry reviews, I felt encouraged to write a sequel to The Adventures of Piratess Tilly. In the second book, Piratess Tilly and her crew head to Easter Island. I will be sending the finished book to reviewers in the next week and then it will be off for printing — expected publication of January Follow more on facebook and on the blog.

The Way of Wytch. Therefore, my friends, I wish you all a glorious Moon Day and hope that all your visions are clear. View original post. My writing has been a bit blocked lately for various reasons.

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Maybe someone else can relate?! Now that our home restoration is getting closer to wrapping up!!! Until last week, the closet with my art supplies was barricaded by boxes and furniture. This also means I can finally make more Paperie Flora cards for the local gift store in town, who is nearly sold out! Maybe working on some hands on art will help with this writing block?!

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