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Black Moon Lilith in the Zodiac Signs – Interpretations

When placed here, the person is powerfully sexual, hypnotic, seductive, and wise. On the negative side, she can become bitter, vengeful or obsessed. The person will take pleasure in knowing the secrets of others. There may be power issues, as they like to use power over others to make themselves feel better in crisis situations, which, of course, they will not reveal anything about to others.

This placement can indicate childhood abuses of all kinds, and overcoming major obstacles in life. Scorpio Lilith should take care to avoid the temptation to be obsessive in relationships and resist the urge to stalk the ones who get away. People who have Lilith in Scorpio are sexual, obsessed with life and death, and have suicidal impulses often. Lilith will inform the body and personality in very direct ways. In the case of Lilith, this can be what seems a constant stream of rejection for just being who we are, abuse as an attempt to control the native, some form of beating into submission, and a sense of not fitting in anywhere with any group of people.

People with Lilith here need to learn to stand up for the self and believe in their rights to be autonomous, indepedent, and self-interested. Others will begin to respect this if they accept themselves as Lilith and love themselves for it. This position warns that it is especially important to be careful about relationships and habits.

True Black Moon Lilith in the signs

At worst you may face the threat of involvement in mafia structures. It is important to learn from the early childhood to gain control over jealousy, aggression, passions, and fears.

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This position may witness contacts with the black magic. You may have been involved in this during your past lives. You may have been a victim, an initiator, or a consumer of the black magic. This life may echo this experience. You may face strong opposition and persecution in this life. It may simply seem that you do not deserve this.

Nevertheless this may be the retribution for the past mistakes. In this life you should avoid any contacts with magic, martial arts, and suspicious companies. You may get involved in a dangerous and harmful activity, which may bring disastrous effects.

Avoid participation in risky and sharp situations. You should aim for harmony, peace, patience, wisdom, forgiveness, and moderation. Develop the perception of a peaceful and harmonious reality. Learn to value what you already have. Lilith positioned in Scorpio is also linked to sadism and debauchery. In this life you may be prone to these qualities or you may suffer from genital diseases. You should avoid living in dark premises, cellars, or basements. Your living place should be close to nature.

Lilith Signs

You should live in an open space. The sun should reach it.

Natal Planets

Avoid any forms of dirt. You will definitely face it. Do not start analyzing the source of it. Do not start asking what it is or why you deserve it and etc. This analysis may bring you to the dark world. Simply retreat and give neither prominence nor space for all this in your life. It is advisable to avoid black and brown colors in your outfit and environment. She exploits others sexually. She is magnetic and sexually seductive more than any other Lilith placement. She is the succubus. She is the faithful keeper of secrets that will never confess to all her innumerable immodest acts. As a mother, she is abusive and sadistic.

The provocative roles are played by false ideological and religious leaders, as well as by experimentalists and originals. The person has a huge ego, a lot of vanity and great ambitions. She aspires to power and luxury at all costs and is an active consumer who aims at winning it all.

The Point in Your Star Chart that Reveals Your Hidden Sexual Desires - VICE

This is the karma of a great adventurer, a false prophet, an ideological saboteur or an imposture of a teacher, who took merits for the achievements of others. In a previous life, the person could have been a politician, a scientist or a religious leader who used his influence with malicious intents. In this life, she is easily convinced by ideological propaganda and tends to mislead other people herself, by preaching false doctrines.

She also has a tendency for contempt, often exhibits the attitude of a braggart and will be prompt to attribute her own weaknesses to others. She will justify her own acts at all costs and will repress those under her influence. The person herself may become a victim of false teachers, be manipulated by ideological propaganda or lose her authority through blindness or hubris.

She may suffer from the oscillations typical of a Hamlet personality type or be quite exasperated when faith seems to be offering her something, only to end up divesting it from her. In a previous life, the person has abused her powers and position, using them for unworthy and selfish purposes.

She was too proud, was disrespectful with people or followed false teachings. In this life, she constantly is suffering persecution and injustice from governmental and religious structures. The problems for her come from foreigners and she faces high risks of accidents during long journeys, as well as from fire. Such a person should not get involved in spreading an ideology: she should content herself with being a follower, a mediator, and refrain from teaching to others, despite the desire she may feel to do so.

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But she does see herself as the master of others' destiny, convinced that she is that they need her patronage. She feels the need to test her strong character and her power and chooses the most difficult paths to reach her objectives, thus seeking to prove herself how strong her personality really is, as if she had to undergo a divine test and ready to go as far as self-destruction.

Coldness, a repressed sensuality, an excessive rationality, an exacerbated spirit of competition and the tendency to achieve her goals through pressure are all possible traits of hers.

Who is Lilith?

In a similar way, she may tend to see herself as a Superman. The provocative roles are played by older men, hierarchical superiors, and possibly by her father. The person despises joy and gladness, seeks to oppress and humiliate others and can easily get cruel. This is the karma of a tyrant, a despot, a sadist, a cold cynic or of a fanatical ascetic who destroyed the temple of the soul: the physical body. In a previous life, the person was able to climb towards her objectives while disdaining everything else. She might have been machiavellian, treating people like machines and gears, with a fascist mentality.

In the current incarnation she sacrifices others to satisfy her desires and aspirations, trying to turn them all into scapegoats. The person is cold inside and nothing affects her. Such a person may seem nice and charming, but deep inside she despises everyone and considers them worthless.

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The person is ran over, humiliated, oppressed and belittled. Others treat her in a ruthless and cynical manner, accusing her of all sins, imaginable and unimaginable. In a previous life, the person shown callousness in her attitude, was cold and calculating and created problems for others, acting on the principle that "all means are good to reach a goal. She knows the feeling of being oppressed by circumstances well and she lives with the impression that fate is unavoidable. She faces a great risk of falling from heights, of being trapped underground or walled.

All of her troubles seem to come from her superiors. The person should endure the position of victim which seems to be her lot with humility and preserve her dignity in all circumstances. The main commandment: preserve your dignity when you have to carry your cross and move towards your goal by choosing the means carefully. The person aspires to total and absolute freedom, ignoring and disregarding real circumstances, any prohibition having for her the effect of a red cape waved before a bull.

Her sensuality manifests in an anarchic way. She is in a constant search for something new, unusual, stirring and has a strong need to smash everything and to put everything upside down, starting with formalities. She shows irresponsibility, carelessness and lack of reliability, she loses her sense of proportions and tends to exaggerate her own importance and authority. She deliberately ignores the principles of morality and betrays her friends.

This is a person who likes to plays the role of a dissident. The provocative roles are played by friends and influential sponsors. The person has perverse tastes and is tempted to create shocking situations that allow her to take advantage of the confusion of people to achieve her own ends.