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Buddhist astrology bridges familiar astrological thinking with the ideas of karma, interdependence, and impermanence. With Llewellyns Complete Book of Astrology, you can learn to read and understand this amazing cosmic road map for yourself and others. Professional astrologer Kris Brandt Riske introduces the many mysterious parts that make up the horoscope, devoting special attention to three popular areas of interest: relationships, career, and money.

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Friendly and easy to follow, this comprehensive book guides you to explore the zodiac signs, planets, houses, and aspects, and teaches how to synthesize this valuable information. Riske also explores the history of astrology going back to the ancient Babylonians, in addition to the different branches of contemporary astrology. Once you learn the language of astrology, youll be able to read birth charts of yourself and others, determine compatibility between two people, track your earning potential, uncover areas of opportunity or challenge, and analyze your career path.

The constellations were the same, but they were interpreted in a different way, with different names and interpretations. Caer Sidhe explores the Celtic night sky maps, the constellations of the zodiac and the moving stars, the associated deities and legends, uses of dene holes as used by Merlin to view the stars and much, much more fascinating information.

Profusely illustrated with maps and drawings. Looking firstly at the stars, those watchers above that men call angels. There are tales that geometry, mathematics and astronomy flowered earlier and in a purer form in the British Isles before the classical period in Greece and Rome.

Search Results | Unity Books Online

The Druids or their predecessors certainly brought astronomy into the daylight hours and the sacred apple, cultivated in the Hesperades, still survives in the English shires of the 20th century. The science of this second volume in the Caer Sidhe series helps to explain and underwrite the theories and interpretations of volume one. Charting Your Spiritual Path with Astrology details a proactive method of determining the direction that your spiritual development will take.

The power of choice is emphasized as you are shown how to use the information your astrological birth chart provides as a spiritual road map. This book will show you: - How to discover the spiritual potential indicated in your astrological birth chart, using a step-by-step method - How to overcome experiences that are holding you back from achieving your highest potential - How to choose spiritual practices that are right for you How many spiritual disciplines have you tried only to find yourself uncomfortable or disatisfied?

Here, at last, is a book that shows you how to use astrology to chart a spiritual course tailored to your unique personality. The Chinese view is based on records of planetary movement and configuration. Their analysis is based on an attribution of Animal years, adjusted by Elements, Moon Signs and Ascendants. This provides a picture of human nature and the underlying needs of individuals. From its mythology, birth, and discovery to its astrological impact, Lass offers a comprehensive understanding of Chiron and its place in the New Age movement.

Chiron provides all the tools necessary to embark on a healing journey toward well-being and evolutionary consciousness. Chiron is an important contribution to the new consciousness in astrology, one that celebrates the spirit of human potential. It is an inspiration for seekers, teachers, counselors and clients all over the world.

Despite being complex in its analysis, it is easy for the novice to access, as all you need is your date of birth. Collins Gem: Chinese Astrology describes the 12 animal symbols and interprets their meanings in a clear and entertaining fashion. Worried whether your new partner is really compatible? Intrigued to know how you should handle that difficult Gemini at work? Collins Need to Know? Zodiac Types is a one-stop guide to all the astrological know-how you need on every sign. This fascinating introduction to the signs of the Zodiac and the characteristics they are believed to possess includes information on: appearance, behaviour and personality traits; celebrity star signs; compatibility with other star signs; how to use your astrological knowledge to handle those around you and get what you want and much much more!

For an irresistible insight into what makes you, your loved ones and your colleagues tick, get. The nodes are not planets, but the points on your birth chart where the orbit of the Moon around the Earth crosses the ecliptic. The nodes are the key to understanding your spiritual purpose for this lifetime. The South Node reveals the lessons, talents, and abilities you mastered in past lives, while the North Node shows you how to best use your past-life skills for spiritual growth, happiness, and success in this life.

The Complete Node Book presents a new and empowering perspective on the nodes. It defines and analyses the specific lessons and challenges presented by each of the possible placements of the nodes. Both sign and house placement of the nodes are considered for extraordinarily insightful and accurate interpretations. For beginning astrologers, this guidebook provides easy-to-find personal interpretations.

Have you ever noticed that relationships seem to have a life of their own? There is something that comes into being between people when they form a close association, something that makes each person act in ways that are unique to that particular combination. We call it "chemistry," and it can be good or bad. But what is it? It is almost as if the relationship were a type of being with its own life and development. In , John Townley solved the problem once and for all when he introduced the method known as the composite chart.

Here was the key that unlocked the secret essence of any relationship. Now, after more than 25 years of further research and experience, he returns to this remarkable system, with Composite Charts. This book is now the definitive book on astrological relationships. Here you'll learn: - How to construct a composite chart - How to synthesize natal, synastry, and composite charts - The effect of the composite ascendant - Composite house placements and aspects - How current scientific thought verifies astrologyFilled with example charts, Composite Charts presents fully developed interpretations of all the chart factors.

This will provide a solid foundation for any astrologer who wants to shed light on human relationships.

Venus Sign House Aspect

With this free chart and Composite Charts, you can begin to understand your relationships right away. Start by getting Composite Charts now. Sounds like a tall order! Not to worry, taking care of your contract with the universe is really about taking care of yourself and bringing some balance into your corner of the earth. Your astrological birth chart reveals your soul's contract with the universe.

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By connecting the cosmic dots, you can figure out where you came from and the destiny you chose for this life. Fulfilling your contract is just a matter of knowing where to look. According to Philip Brown, trends in technology, film, books, TV, music, and fashion are all influenced by planetary movement. Cosmic Trends discusses the startling impact Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus have had-and continue to have-on our evolving culture. Tracing the outer planets as they travel through the zodiac signs, Brown uncovers amazing cosmic patterns and their link to the sexual revolution, the rise in health awareness, Internet addiction, wireless technology, advertising saturation, and other cultural trends.

He offers exercises that help readers develop intuitive awareness in drawing their own connections between the planets and world events.

Profiles of William Shakespeare, Clara Barton, Martha Graham, Nelson Mandela and others illustrate how planetary forces have touched their lives and their generations. Fascinating forecasts and a glimpse of what to expect in are also included. For more than 30 years, renowned astrologer Noel Tyl has brought psychological methodology into astrological symbolism and analysis. Now he crowns that effort with a master-volume emphasizing the techniques of counseling as part of modern astrological practice.

Through experiencing astrological placements directly, by means of the symbolic imagination, group dynamics, music, dance, ritual, role playing and modelling, we are able to take control of the way we embody these seemingly external 'influences' in our lives. Creative Astrology helps heal the split between 'external' and 'internal' reality and restores the sense of power over our own destiny that can sometimes be undermined by a detailed knowledge of astrological trends.

In this anthology, several of the original exponents of Creative Astrology share their experiences and their understanding. Prudence Jones describes the history of Creative Astrology and suggests some reasons for its emergence. Change is an inevitable part of life. Major life changes can propel us toward exciting growth or painful setbacks.

Astrologer Rod Suskin provides a cosmic roadmap that predicts these developmental phases and offers advice for using these times to our advantage. Cycles of Life describes how the planets are implicitly connected to important transitions in our lives. Easy-to-follow tables and worksheets help readers track planetary cycles and interpret the results. From there, individuals can gain a new understanding of the past and begin preparing for future life changes.