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  2. Your Daily Horoscope for Tuesday, February 19
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The sun adds a strong strand of luck to things you try for the first time, at work and in the music world. If you are on the look-out for love, someone very special will open the door of a restaurant for you. As the sun moves into the quickest-thinking part of your chart, helping to generate new ideas, you make faster progress than expected at work and could soon be in charge of people you think of as friends.

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As for love, mind and heart agree this time — and a Taurus who is sensible but sexy could be perfect for you. An old favour that was half-forgotten is repaid, upgrading your work life and giving you a smart new job title. What really makes your day, though, is welcoming back someone the whole family have been missing. When you give last-minute help to a group of friends organising a local event, there is a bonus of luck — plus a meeting with a hot love candidate.

Sign in. All Football. Mystic Meg. ARIES March 21 to April 20 The light of the full moon shines on your wellness chart and a surge of determination, helped by a new love interest, makes this the perfect time to commit to a healthy fitness plan. The steady rhythm of a regular day brings you great comfort today. Stick to your routine.

Even if you normally find it a bit dull, now it's actually satisfying. Being efficient in your efforts makes you feel calm and capable.

Your Daily Horoscope for Tuesday, February 19

Plus, there's the tangible benefit of how much you can accomplish in a single day if you stay focused. This is when following patterns and procedures really comes in handy. Stay sensible in all you do today. Don't let your emotions get the best of you. Staying calm and focused is best. This may mean setting your ego or your needs aside in order to place something else first -- doing a good job at work, for example, or doing what's best for your family. Take others' feedback seriously rather than taking it personally. That will help you hone your approach. Watch that perfectionist streak of yours today.

It could push you to be overly critical of other people and their behaviour. It could also have you holding yourself to impossible standards. Making your standards more realistic helps everyone. You might prefer a warmer, more social energy, but today's cosmic influence is reserved in nature.

Most folks are quietly plugging away at their task lists, staying as focused as possible so they'll reach the finish line faster.

Systems come in handy now. Tackling a project without a set strategy is sure to be a study in frustration. Following a set procedure, on the other hand, helps you stay on task. Being sensible isn't difficult today.

Horoscope: February 19th - 20th

You have an eye for what works and what doesn't. If you interact with someone who's being unreasonable, you can calmly counter their illogical ideas with your own feasible plans. Because of this skill, you make a good manager now.

February 19 Zodiac Sign

You could feel pulled in one direction and then another. Your fiery side could be triggered by a loved one or associate. Do not take a child's or loved one's tantrum as seriously as he or she might like.

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This person might be letting off steam. Tonight: In the whirlwind of the moment.

You might feel uneasy, as you sense an undercurrent around you. As hard as you try, you might not be able to discover what is going on. Do not let this situation bother you. Focus on a matter that you can deal with by yourself. Zero in on priorities. Your imagination flows into romance or affects how you eye someone in your daily life. You might hesitate to say what you want, though eventually you will reveal what is on your mind. Tonight: Let the fun begin! You might be on top of a difficult situation.

February 19 Zodiac - Full Horoscope Personality

Your ability to work through a problem might be heightened, as you see many contingencies and possibilities. Know that you are carrying a lucky rabbit's foot in your back pocket. Tonight: Take a leap of faith. You see a personal matter in a far different light than those around you. Understand what is happening. Kick back, listen and perhaps ask a question or two to get to the bottom of a problem. Tonight: Speak your mind. No matter the issue or situation, you gain through one-on-one relating.

The other party might reveal more of him- or herself in that atmosphere.


You could be tired of feeling distant from a specific person. Tonight: Opt for togetherness.