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virgo and aquarius Compatibility - The Cons
  1. How Aquarius and Virgo Balance Each Other
  2. Virgo and Aquarius: Zodiac Compatibility in Love, Relationships & Sex | Astrology Answers
  3. Aquarius and Virgo Compatibility – The Definitive Guide
  4. Virgo and Aquarius Love Compatibility
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When with them, you should be prepared for. Know with whom you share the best and worst relations with, based on your Zodiac Sign.

How Aquarius and Virgo Balance Each Other

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These will help you know future and take control Login Or Register. Customer care 10am — 6pm, India. Aquarius and Virgo compatibility: Nature and Nuances The Airy and unpredictable water-bearer will keep the methodical and kind Virgo guessing.

Virgo and Aquarius: Zodiac Compatibility in Love, Relationships & Sex | Astrology Answers

Their bond will be unique, for sure, but will it be strong enough to last for a substantial amount of time? Aquarius is a progressive and open-minded sign.

These individuals have an out-of-the-box thinking process and are characterized by their extreme intelligence. The water-bearer is the symbol of aquarius sign , and it is represented by the element Air. Aquarius comes second last on the zodiac chart and is one of the most creative signs in astrology.

Aquarians are born rebels and will always strive to make a positive change in their society, city, country, or even the world. Virgo is a sun sign that is represented by the element Earth.

Aquarius and Virgo Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Consequently, those born under this sign are grounded and steady individuals who live their life with tenaciousness and absolute attention to detail. These are pragmatic souls who cannot stand recklessness and irresponsibility, be it from themselves or from those around them. They will always give their cent per cent in any job that is assigned to them.

Virgo and Aquarius are both extremely dedicated and hard-working individuals.

Virgo and Aquarius Love Compatibility

It means that Virgo women often draw admirers, many of whom appreciate their gentle ways, abundant kindness and the funny humour created through their pin sharp intellect. Fun loving and carefree, he represents something to the Virgo woman that she is missing in herself, and she can sometimes become very captivated by the idea of his helping her identify and relate to it. Aquarius people of both genders exist to overturn conventions and bring into the collective conversation the big questions about what is really valued and worth fighting for in this life.

The idea of questioning the status quo and working outside the rules, much less rewriting them, is of no interest whatsoever to the Virgo woman. The very idea of that kind of upheaval and discomfort to her meticulously planned routines and methodology is incredibly disconcerting — she bases every aspect of her quite tremendous productivity on the tried and true. Long term, the Virgo woman trying to contain and keep tabs on her Aquarius boyfriend will become like trying to wrestle a hurricane into a basket.

While deep conversations and witty flirtation will always be welcome, the Aquarius man needs a kind of freedom of movement that the Virgo woman finds it tremendously tricky to give. Romantic emotions can be the most complex, all consuming and entirely uncomfortable that any human being can go through, pitting euphoric highs against the most crushing losses and lows. Indeed, Aquarius partners often spend half their time acting like friends anyway, and Virgo souls are so cautious of being hurt that they may secretly keep their fullest hearts locked away even years into a relationship.

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Little wonder is it, then, that Aquarius and Virgo friendships often play out far more smoothly than romances between this particular zodiac pairing. Here, the elements that cause so much friction in love and romance can be turned into wonderful opportunities to not only show how the other side lives, but put the shared talents of Aquarius and Virgo to the greater good.

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Aquarius is a star sign with the most admirable gift of seeing the bigger picture. While most of us are bogged down in thinking how one person affects another, or how our own actions are interpreted by one or two people of interest we are focusing on at that time, Aquarius is able to see the entire community from on high. To Aquarius, it is the behaviour of groups of people that prove the most telling, not just through the more intricate little interactions between the individuals involved, but the effect this all has on the collective consciousness that shapes how communities, towns, cities and even nations react and interact.

What a grand vision to feed to the ever enquiring mind of Virgo, and what a superb way of helping that down to earth star sign rise above the mundane worries they sometimes lose themselves to. For example, a Virgo student might worry about turning in a paper on time, whereas their Aquarius friend can show them how the entire faculty is faring, and how there are better things to think about. Likewise, Aquarius has a fun-loving streak that Virgo often forgets to conjure within themselves.

Marriage is a lifelong bond, and as such, is the kind of tremendously overarching commitment that neither Aquarius and Virgo are keen to take lightly. Of course, hundreds of thousands of Virgo and Aquarius people are married today, but likely have faced these searching questions within themselves and one another in getting there. First and foremost, neither star sign opens the heart easily, and even when they do, a loving relationship is not the same as a lifelong marriage.

Virgo & Aquarius: Love Compatibility

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